Face Up Pai Gow

Face Up Pai Gow

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How to Bet
Players must place a wager on the base bet. The Ace High and Fortune Bonus wagers are optional.

How Players Win
Face Up Pai Gow Poker has no commission, the dealers hand is played face up, and is played with a standard 52 card deck and one joker. The joker may either complete a straight, flush, straight flush or act as an ace. If the dealer has exactly an ace- high hand “Pai Gow,” then the hand will automatically result in a push (tie). Face Up Pai Gow also offers the optional Fortune Bonus and the Ace-High bonus wagers. Bottom hand must be higher than the top hand, if top hand is higher the hand will be fouled resulting in loss of all wagers.

• BASE bet is paid even money if player win top and bottom hand. If dealer wins top and bottom, player loses wager. If dealer and player split the wager is push.
• ACE HIGH shall win and be paid if the dealer has an Ace High Pai Gow.
• FORTUNE BONUS is paid odds if the player’s hand is 3 pair or higher and beats the designated Player’s fortune hand / If the designated player’s hand ranks higher than the player’s hand it shall push.

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