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Early Bird

Full House Early Bird

Dates & Time

Every Tuesday | November | 9AM



Join us every Tuesday at 9am in November for Full House Early Bird!

$20 for 2/2 LHE

$40 for 2/4 LHE & 4/8 OMAHA

$60 for 3/6 LHE & 8/16 OE

$100 for 1/2 NLH, 2/5 NLH, and 5/10 NLH

General Rules

• Hand must be a minimum of aces full to qualify (unless otherwise stated).

• Omaha Games & Stud do not qualify for the $1,500

• In flop games, (NLH and Hold'em) you must flop the high hand.

• There will be no ties and you must beat the posted high hand.

• There must be at least $10 in the pot (including rake and jackpot).

• In Hold’em, the players may use one or two hole cards combined with the board to make their best possible hand (and it must be the winning hand).

• In Omaha players must flop the High Hand.

• Hands must be verified by Isle poker room staff and winners must be present.

• Players must be playing in Jackpot eligible Texas Hold’em, Stud or Omaha game. Jackpot eligible games are defined as any game where a jackpot drop is being taken and excludes any time rake games and the players can win more than one prize.

• On announcement of the completion of the period or the clock sounding the period is over and any new high hands will apply to the next period.

• Anyone found to be in violation of the integrity of this promotion, shall be disqualified. This includes slow rolling or slow playing to get to the next period.

• Side betting or selling of high hands is prohibited.


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